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Sunday, March 23, 2003

What are Lillis hobbies?
We find Lilli posting mostly political stuff these days, but she uses to have many more interests. Sure - politics are a big part in my life. They somehow grow over in my joblife right now, they affect my private life and I love ranting about it. But there is much more interesting me. I love to read. Since I don't mind reading from a screen, I read newspapers german and english all over the world and the net. I like a good thriller really much, the last one I read was some local cologne-thriller about the try to kill Bill Clinton while he was on visit in cologne by some serbia terrorists. Wonderful stuff! (Of course Clinton survived) Our twi Siamese cats are always around, sleeping in my bed, and talking to me while I'm typing. They use to look at me when they sit on the screen and watch my fingers at the keyboard. Sometimes, when the cat has these cute little kittens, there are a few more paws and cold noses in our bed, but we don't do it too often for not stressing her too much. Sure - Wondergirl is my biggest, most wonderful and making me the most happy Hobby.If I had known how wonderful it is to have a child I'd have done it years earlier. Now I am in my 30somethings and we plan to have one more child, but we want some time in between. Oh yes - sometimes I do a bit paintings. I'm not good, but I do it multi-coloured and wondergirl loves it.

What is Lilli doing all day long?
I live in together with Mr. Lilli, Wondergirl and two siamese cats (Columbus and Ah Nuk), I work fulltime as an IT-organisator and I try also to run our team of organisators, I'm an active member of the SPD (the party of G. Schroeder) and you ask me what I do? When I am at home at the evenings, I try to write some blogstuff after Wondergirl is in bed. Other times I'm out at party-meetings. So I have much stuff in my life, and boredom does clearly not belong to it.

Where is Lilli?
I am living in cologne, germany. You know the cologne cathedral? When I take a look out of my window, I see it. I'm living in the city of cologne just a few minutes by foot away from the cathedral and from the birthplace of Eau de Cologne. Cologne is a fun city, we call is Koeln, the Belgians call it Keulen... I was wondering why so little german cities have their own name in english and other languages. But sure - history is the answer, like Mr. Lilli said. Cologne is said being founded by Agrippina, a daughter of Augustus. If you want to learn something about cologne go here or here and choose the english language. Cologne is the fourth biggest city in germany after Berlin, Munich and Hamburg and it's parted by the river rhine. Yes - I do like it and right now I have a hard time to imagine me living somewhere else.

Who is Lilli?
Well, first - my name is not Lilli Marleen. Lilli Marleen is from the song by Marlene Dietrich in WWII. I like this song a lot and I know that it, after Marlene went to the US, was translated also in english and that the allied soldiers sang it and liked it also. My real name is Moni, standing for Monika - yes we write it with a "k" round here. There is an adorable Lilli Marleen Homepage to find here.. You can find out everything about the song and you'll find translations in several languages.

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